Sunday, April 7, 2013


We all know that Stratford is famous for her swans. Ever since the first pair was donated to the city in 1918, we have had a bit of a love affair with these majestic birds.  People “flock” to Stratford for our theatre, but our park system runs a close second as a reason why this is such a popular destination.

On the first Sunday in April, we celebrate the annual release of the swans. Accompanied by pipe band in full regalia, the swans herald the arrival of Spring by parading down Howie Morenz Drive from their winter quarters to their beloved Avon River. Thousands of bystanders come to watch and to enjoy a walk around the river, or as was the case because of the cold wind today, a quick jaunt uptown to get warmed up in one of our cozy restaurants.

But what about the GREEN swans?

As I have mentioned in other entries, Stratford loves to celebrate life. What better way than to encourage the local shop owners to enter a swan decorating contest. As you can see from the photos, a lot of creative talent went into the creation of these masterpieces.

 From tea parties to promos for the fundraising efforts for a new Spash Pad for our younger citizens, the downtown merchants worked to add to the festive nature of the weekend. 


Thanks for the fun, Stratford!

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