Saturday, March 30, 2013


10,000 eggs! That’s what the Easter Bunny brought with him 
to Upper Queen’s Park 
on Easter Saturday morning. 

Apparently he stopped into Rheo Thompson Candies to pick up the treats and also enticed  some of the folk from our local radio station to bring coffee and donuts along with their music.

Such was the setting for the annual Easter Egg hunt in Stratford. I couldn’t find out how long it has been running, but I remember taking my boys about 30 years ago. Stratford is definitely a place for happy traditions! 

It was fun to see the wide range of Easter baskets and headpieces that added to the festive nature of the event.

With the sun brightly shining, the crowd lingered on long after most of the eggs had been found 
to enjoy a welcome taste of Spring in the park.

Thank you Rheo’s, CJCS and 107.7. We love what you do to make this weekend special for our young citizens.


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