Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Winter's Tale

Here in Stratford we are accustomed to seeing a variety of productions of the world's great dramatic works. We might have Elizabethan dress, perhaps styles from ancient Greece, or even at times military uniforms that somehow seem too familiar - and all this for the same play! Our theatre productions are only limited by the imaginations of the designers.

In the same manner our winters display a variety of production - sometimes designed rather whimsically, it seems.

Yesterday we had snow...
   then freezing rain...
      and now  a promise of a few days of rain before the temperature plummets once again.
Welcome to the 2015 version of January in Stratford. After our green Christmas, snow is almost welcome.

So why should we be surprised when this year's version of Winter is dramatically opposed to the blustery snow-filled scenes of January 2014?

 How could we forget that production? Ice-encased limbs were strewn with abandon across the town;

                                             a giant snow cake adorned the table on my deck;

                                                                                            mysterious ghoulish creatures appeared

                    and sank into the old wooden chairs in my yard;

 cars lay dormant beneath a mound of snow;

while the guard dog at the entrance to Upper Queens Park snuggled safely in her blanket of white.

 Winter in Stratford - a time of beauty, a time of rare design.

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  1. Wow, nicely said Helen! I rather enjoyed our temperate green Christmas, but am sooooo NOT looking forward to the blustery frigidness