Monday, July 15, 2013


July 1 found the citizens of Stratford out in full force to celebrate the fact that we are proud Canadians.

After stopping to listen to buskers in the park by Pazzo's, I headed to Market Square behind City Hall. It had been transformed into a tent city, bustling with activities for young and old alike.
Clowns and and bouncy castles entertained the young,

while Happy Hands -made of wax attracted the attention of adolescents.  


After the annual presentation of the bronze stars that will be placed in the downtown area, local performers were given 20 minute segments to strut their stuff.  

It was a special treat for us to welcome Yeager back to the stage as he continues to make his recovery following a horrific accident in March 2012. 

With a variety of vendors tantalizing our taste buds and plying their wares and  information, the City Centre Committee once again treated us to a fantastic Canada Day celebration, which we all enjoyed....including the canine attendees!
The annual evening parade and fireworks display were the icing on the cake, so to speak. This is just a sample of what makes us proud to be Canadian, and especially proud to live in Stratford!

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